Thursday, July 5, 2007

Martha's Vineyard Run

Well, as you might of guessed, I'm away. I'm on Martha's Vineyard with my wife and my in-laws. While here I decided to hit all of the banks on the island over two mornings. There are sixteen banks. At them I found 322 half dollars and no large dollars. I found four keepers, 2 silver ones (1964, 1968D) and 2 proofs (1989S, 1999S). I'm keeping my eye out for loose change as well.

Found: 14 pennies (1 at Costco, 3 at Shaw's, 2 in Wood's Hole, 5 in Oak Bluff's, 3 in Vineyard Haven), 2 quarters (1 at a sandwich shop in Wood's Hole, 1 in Edgartown)