Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sweet Wheats

Last night I had a very slow night in the coin roll hunting hobby. Some weird stuff showed up, but no new varieties.

I went through two boxes and two hand rolled rolls of quarters to start things off (My pattern is go from highest denomination to lowest.). I found no silver quarters, two Canadians, a quarter crown coin from Turks and Caicos (It's a Caribbean Island - I never heard of it before.), and one slug. I saw the slug even before I opened the box. I showed the teller at the bank, too. The two boxes of dimes I got stunk. No silver dimes and seven Canadians.

My luck changed this morning, however. In two boxes and nine hand rolled rolls of nickels I found one War Time (1945S) and sixteen Canadians. The two boxes and four hand rolled rolls of pennies were much better. I found thirty-six wheats and thirty-seven Canadians. The wheats included five varieties I needed (1915, 1925D, 1930S, 1932, 1948S)! Of those only one, the 1925D, doesn't suffer a bit from corrosion. I'm going to buy a potato or two at lunch to try my had at removing the green on them. I'll practice first with some other wheats that look like they came from the same source.

Found: 4 pennies (outside Boston Market ... thanks TP & SC), 1 nickel (Shaw's)