Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weird Stuff

Last night and this morning I went through eight boxes of coins, my usual Monday allotment.

I first went through two boxes of quarters. I didn't find any silver quarters, but I did find seven Canadians. I needed two of the Canadian varieties I found, 1971 and 2000 Achievement.

I next searched two boxes of dimes. In them I only found one silver Rosie (1962D) and one Canadian. The silver dime was an upgrade, but that was it.

Determined that my luck would turn around I set my sights on two boxes of nickels. Things went much better. I didn't find any new varieties, US or Canadian, but I got a good mix of stuff. It's the strange and rare that keeps me going. In the boxes were three War Time nickels (1943P x 2, 1945P), one awesome looking Buffalo (1936), 11 Canadians, two Swiss 20 Rappen, one 20 Singapore cent piece, one 25 Phillipino sentimos piece (worth 1/2 cent), and one United Arab Emirates 50 fil piece (worth 13 cents). The 1936 Buffalo is the best looking Buffalo nickel I have seen in person. It almost looks brand new, like the pieces in my nickel book.

This morning I went through two boxes of pennies. I was hopeful. In the two boxes were thirty Wheats, 33 Canadians, and one Bermuda penny. There were no new US varieties in the mix for me, but I did find a Canadian variety, a 1947 Maple Leaf.

While roll hunting this morning I heard a good piece on WBUR about a woman waging a campaign against plastic shopping bags. There is even a law coming up the Massachusetts state legislature to ban them!

Found: 8 pennies (4 in Newton, 1 in Bertucci's, 1 at Shaw's, 1 at work, 1 at the Mobil Mart)