Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yesterday was a weird day for coin roll hunting. At the bank I got my normal Monday boxes and picked up some hand rolled coins a teller saved for me. Immediately after I left the bank I noticed that the two boxes of dimes I got were all brand new 2007P dimes. I asked if I could exchange them, but it couldn't be done.

When I got home I first went through the hand rolled coins. In the box was 280 quarters, 200 dimes, 120 nickels and 350 pennies. In all of the rolls there were no keepers. I was shocked no Wheats or Canadians showed up. Oh well.

I next went through the two boxes of quarters. In the boxes I found one silver quarter (1963) and two Canadians. The silver quarter was one I needed. I also found one roll with 43 quarters in it. A free 75 cents! (I'd take a nice scan of the quarter, but so much is still packed at the house.)

I also managed to go through one box of pennies. In the box I located nine Wheats and nineteen Canadians. One of the Canadians was a variety I needed, 2003P Crown.

I'll probably get through the rest of the boxes tonight.

Today was also the first of carpooling with a co-worker of mine. I figure every day we can carpool we can save 50 cents in tolls, 35 miles on our cars, a gallon or so of gas, a bit of sanity and reduce our emissions.

Found: 1 penny (Stop 'n Shop)

Redeemed: $1.45