Monday, March 11, 2013

This weekend was a bit longer than we thought it'd be. On Friday we got 22 inches of snow in our town and Meg was very sick. Unfortunately she was down for the count for about a day and half. I am now even more impressed with workload Meg has everyday. It's tiring! So while it snowed outside I made a super for for the kids. It was more like yurt as it was constructed of an upside-down papa-son frame with tons of blankets and pillows on top and a light mounted inside. It occupied the kids for a good 1ݪ hours! They were playing very nicely together during that time. Meg and I think it might be a record. At the end they decided to move, "We're not taking the dog with us Hazel. We're selling it!" (Ah, not sure where Henry got that idea or his interest in moving.). I moved the fort from the living room to the playroom and created a second floor for it. If your going to move you might as well do so for a bigger house! I took pictures of both forts, but the camera destroyed them somehow. It took 2 hours or so to snow blow the snow. My Dad's gifting me his old snow blower saved me another couple of hours. Definitely the best gift of the year, hands down.

On Saturday I took the kids clothes shopping. Henry willfully got new pajamas (and then wore them two nights in a row) and Hazel got a new blue shirt ($2.80!). After Hazel's early nap we went to the Ecotarium.

The next day we went to Nana and Grandpa's after church. Henry and I spent the afternoon as we had the previous two days ... playing with Legos. My mind is totally Lego obsessed right now. Henry's got me lined up to make a bank next to go with the armored car I made and I'm starting to think of all the cool things we could make with the pieces we have.

Here are some pictures ...

Last weekend we celebrated Henry's 5th birthday. We can't believe our baby is this old. 5 years seemed like such an old age when Henry was born. Check out this awesome cake Meg made and Henry designed. I love the cousin Liam's consoling hand in this picture.

Some gift opening.

Checking out the ferrets at the Ecotarium. I tried hard to take some good pictures there. I took lots of them. It really is tough to take pictures and enjoy your time with the kids. Especially when there's only one parent present.

This is my Lego postal truck. Henry's been learning all about the mail system at school so he asked me to make this when I asked for suggestions. He's been big on the eagle on the side of the truck so I made a Lego version of it on the side.

The outside of my post office (notice the eagle!).

My post office inside. Henry came up with the idea to tile the floor and add heating vents. In the corner there is an ATM/stamp machine, there's a counter with cash register and in the other corner there is some shelves for sorting.

My DHL delivery truck. Later I added wipers (Henry saw this in a Lego book and wanted to add them.) and side view mirrors because Henry discovered the driver didn't fit so I had to raise the roof.

My armored car. Henry wanted it green. "Lots of bank things are green Dad." We don't have too many green bricks so I mixed it with black and white (like TD Bank, I guess). I also made it so the roof lifted up because it is difficult to put the driver in my other two trucks.