Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yesterday morning we got exciting news! Meg's sister gave birth to our first niece and the kid's third cousin! She was born at 3:30AM, is named Cecily and came in at 8 lbs. I took the day off yesterday so Meg could go see her. We had a lot of fun at home, but we wish we could have joined Meg. Perhaps this weekend we'll all go out to see her. Our biggest congratulations go out to Jess and Tim!

In other news ...

Last weekend we went on a mini-vacation to NH/VT. We left on Friday morning and drove up to Manchester. In Manchester we went to the SEE Science Center, or has Henry calls it (from web viewing) "The Lego Museum." It was free because of our Ecotarium membership. Immediately Henry and I sought out their ridiculously large Lego Millyard model. It was actually a bit much to take in all at once. He and I went around it many times and got great ideas for our own creations. We also spent some good time with Meg and Hazel checking out the science exhibits. Afterwards we went to Friendly's and had a free meal of sorts. A delivery truck knocked down their internet connection and they could only take a gift card we had with $2 on it.

We then drove up to the Hanover/Lebanon to check-in to our hotel. As usual we stayed at a Marriot Residence Inn. It looked so similar to our previous two hotel rooms that Henry swore we'd been there before and immediately claimed the same room (the bigger one). Hazel asked us, "Where's my room?" I'm not sure how long she'll be satisfied with staying in the living room of the suites we stay at. At the hotel we relaxed and then went to the pool. The kids weren't as brave in the pool as before, but all did have fun. That night we went to Jesse's, a restaurant I actually remember from when I lived there thirty something years ago. We also saw my two old houses there.

The next morning we enjoyed a hotel breakfast. Henry and Hazel favorite part of the meal was definitely the Fruit Loops without milk they consumed. After packing we went to the Montshire museum in VT (My mother told me I had been there before, but I don't remember it.). The museum was great. It wasn't free like I thought it'd be, but we definitely enjoyed it for the price. We'll be back sometime in the summer when we can explore its outside stuff. Henry and Hazel's favorite part of the museum was a bridge that "went across the road!" and our making of parachutes that we could drop from the second floor. We then ate lunch (or supper as Hazy calls every meal) at a local cafe and drove home.

Here are some pictures I haven't posted before:

The first fort I made for the kids two weeks ago.

The second fort I made for the kids. This is the one they moved to.

The massive Lego Millyard.

Henry looking at the Lego model.

Henry sitting on what was probably all of our favorite science exhibit. A set of two chairs that could be raised by pulleys.

Hazy pulling the ropes.

Hazel playing the harp.

Hazy using her portable potty in van. This came in handy quite a few times!

Hazel in a mirror maze at the Montshire.

Henry and Hazel on the bridge.

Dropping off parachutes for me to catch.