Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last night Meg and I had a very proud moment. Henry built his first Lego set! He got a new set from Aunt Jess and Uncle Tim for his birthday. I expected to build it quickly for him after supper, but he couldn't wait so he started building it himself. He did about 95% of it all by himself. Previous to this he had helped me find pieces and put a few together, but this was a new level all-together. I'm really impressed with how much patience he showed and how well he followed the directions. "I built the whole thing myself! Just like Evan!"

This past weekend the Henry and I went to our church's Palm Saturday activity. I volunteered like last year and led a group of eight kids with another parent. My personal favorite part is the big, candy covered, frosted cookie they let me make, but I was thrilled to watch Henry participate in everything, including some costumed picture taking and a foot washing. Hazel was too young again this year and spent the whole day with Nana and Grandpa (Henry came over for the afternoon).

On Sunday we went out West to visit with our newest family member, Cecily. Meg got lots of good cuddle time with her and kids did very well with it all, especially Henry. After some initial hesitation he was very interested in her hair, little fingers and giving her his present. Hazel didn't know what to make of it all for the most part, but when she got home played out the visit with her babies. "We're going to see the new cousin, baby."

Here are some pictures: