Friday, March 1, 2013

At home we've all had some good bursts of creativity. I've got no pictures of what Hazel's been up to, but she is one heck of a colorer now. Here are some pictures ...

Meg made this bag out of a sweater she had inadvertently shrunk in the dryer. If I remember right she didn't even have a pattern! I think it took her just one afternoon.

While playing with Legos with Henry one afternoon. I built this robot bus. My inspiration was a book we got from the library that included all sorts of Lego robots and the vehicles they use to get around. It took a long time, but it was fun to do. Last weekend Henry and I made Lego buildings scaled for his Matchbox cars. He and I had great fun making stained glass windows for our church model. "It's not St. Francis, Dad! This is a different town."

Henry drew this at school. The three drawings on the lower part of this are our fish.

Here's another something Henry made at school. It is our house, complete with stair case.

Henry drew this one day with great care. He made several test drawings before this one. He told us it's a man that is surprised that he has a porcupine in his box. Meg and I think this is his best yet.

This week has been mail week at Henry's school. He wrote two letters for us and we wrote two for him. This was the first one he wrote. The picture is of him and Hazel. He also wrote one to me that said, "I love you." and had a picture of me on it.

Lastly, I finally finished several miniatures. Above are my first pictures of them. I'm thinking of making a second blog to cover this new hobby pursuit of mine.