Monday, April 30, 2012

The weekend started really good for me. Just after supper on Friday I searched two boxes of pennies. In the middle of the second box I turned up one that got really pumped!

We had an ambitious agenda this weekend (for we with two small kids that is) and we got it all done!

On Saturday we went to Rotman's and got two rugs and pads. It wasn't the easiest trip there with the kids, but we got an awesome deal and were very happy with our choices. The rugs will come in a few weeks and until then we'll use just the pads. After Rotman's we took up 1/3 of the living room carpet. Meg worked on finishing that while I spent more time with the garage door opener. Late in the day I got the opener working. It felt great.

Then on Sunday, before church, we finished another third of the living room; went to church; went to my sister's for brunch (fixed their laptop); finished the last third of the living room and did the final cleanup/finishing of the garage door opener project. We went to Bertucci's to celebrate.

It feels good to have gotten so much done. I just wish we spent more time as family doing some fun stuff. The kids did help out a bit, especially Henry. He's a good sweeper and is very careful when picking up boards with nails, etc.

32 small dollars and 8,000 halves had just one 40% silver half (1969D).

17,350 pennies yielded one hundred three Wheats, one hundred thirty Canadians, eleven US dimes, one South African 1¢, one Dominican Republic 1¢ and one Cayman Islands 1¢. In this mix was also a 1984 Lincoln with a small cud.

During my coin searches there are a few coins I wanted to find much more than the others. I don't know why exactly, but a few coins really stand out for me. For pennies these have been the 1938D and the 1938S (20,010,000 and 15,180,000 were minted). I still have quite a few Wheat holes in my album to fill besides these, but I want these two real bad just to fill up a whole page in my book and because they are relatively new and they're mintages aren't too low, but somehow they've escaped me ... until Friday. I found the 1938S!. Could the the 1938D be far behind?!

(The other coins I rank likes these were the 1938D and 1943D for nickels, finding those two completed my album; and the 1946S and 1951S for dimes, finding those two would complete my album. I don't have the same desire for any coins in quarters, halves or dollars.)

1913, 1918, 1920, 1929(2), 1930, 1934, 1936, 1937(2), 1938S, 1939