Monday, April 23, 2012

This weekend we did some rug shopping. The kids especially enjoyed playing in the rugs we were looking at and for some reason were both very into having their pictures taken.

8,000 half dollars turned up just one 90% silver half (1942), one 40% silver half (1969D), one proof half (1977S) and one Spanish 50 Pesetas (1980).

12,250 pennies yielded seventy-seven Wheats, one hundred two Canadians, seven US dimes, two Bahamas 1¢ and one Bermuda 1¢. In the pennies was one I've only gotten once before, the 1911D. It's in really good shape and was a nice upgrade to the one in my album.
1910, 1911D, 1917, 1919(3), 1926, 1935, 1936(2), 1937, 1938(2)