Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meg told me that yesterday Hazel kept telling her, "watch," before she did anything and would only perform her trick after Meg said, "I'm watching." Hazel also tried this out on Henry a few times, but he either didn't understand her or was ignoring her.

Last night I went into the living room to see what craziness Henry and Hazel had gotten into. I found them jumping on a pile of pillows and sofa cushions. Henry told me, "We didn't hit our heads, Dad!"

I didn't pick up too much coin at the bank yesterday, but I did get the biggest batch of old red seal bills I ever scored. A teller sold me twenty-three red seal $2 bills (6 x 1953A, 8 x 1963, 9 x 1963A)! They're all in fairly good condition (better than the ones I have at home). The 1963A variety is a new one for me.

1,600 quarters had one Brazil 20¢ (1967).

500 dimes produced one Canadian.

280 nickels yielded one US penny.