Tuesday, May 1, 2012

50 small dollars and 30 half dollars had one mint set dollar (2007D).

5,800 quarters produced thirteen Canadians, eleven US nickels, five US dimes, one French franc, one Netherlands 1 Gulden and a new modern quarter for me, the 2011D Chickasaw. I guess it's about time I get my America the Beautiful Quarter album.

8,050 dimes yielded six silver Rosies (1954, 1956, 1957, 1961, 1962D, 1964), two Steelies (2 x 1943), twenty-five Canadians, three Bermuda 10¢, one Irish 5 pence and one Spanish 5¢. In one of the roll of dimes was a very tiny nose ring! I think it is silver with a very tiny (.03 carat) diamond on it. I don't know if it is a real diamond, but Meg reasoned that no one would put anything else so tiny on a post like this. That makes sense to me, plus it is only worth $1 at most. I might take it to a jeweler for an official opinion (more because I think this is funny, than I think I've hit the mother lode). What's next!?