Friday, September 2, 2011

Yesterday when I got home Henry had a lot to say about his time at preschool. It was a dream come true. I expected him to say just a little, but this was one of those special times when we can't stop him talking. All comments he made about the school were said very much as a matter of fact. I'm sure it was tough at times there for him, but he seems favorable to the experience and about going there again ... for now.

He told us that he "crawled on the road" (I'm guessing they thought he was walking just fine and he did his usual go-prone-quick move.) toward the van to try to get home. He was sad because Mom and Hazel weren't there. They sang several songs, one with everyone's name in it (the welcome song) and another had ABC's in it. He didn't like the songs and pretended to sleep three times during them. There were no parents, just kids and two teachers who are also moms (I guess he was told this by them and it made an impression). The teacher had to pick him up off the floor.

They had two books about trains neither had trestles (bridges) in them. They weren't allowed to play with the kitchen. "They have two kitchens!" was the first thing Henry told Meg. They had a water table and a sand table and both are limited to two kids at once. That's the rule and they have a sign with two kids to get the point across he told us. Outside he played with mulch. He didn't swing. They had a new car there (like our Cozy Coupe), but two kids were playing with it so he didn't. We asked him if he asked for a turn. He said he did. "What was their response?," we pressed him. He said he was sad about it (I guess they said no).

One boy cried and said, "Dad!" "There are two Wyatts, one on Super Why (a PBS show) and one at school." He told his teacher he was going to get ice cream when he left. Meg took Henry and Hazel to the park to celebrate and they got to get ice cream from the ice cream truck while there. "They only had vanilla," I was told.

Meg told me that when they got home from dropping of Henry, Hazel immediately picked up Duck, grabbed a pair of Henry's pants and walked about saying "Henna!"