Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tonight Henry, Meg and I went for our Mexican. Meg just couldn't think of cooking more. Who can blame her? She's been very busy preparing for Thanksgiving. It looks good so far! I haven't been this excited for the holiday in a long time, if not ever. It is great thinking it is Henry's first. Can't wait for Christmas.

Today I finally got to do some decent coin roll hunting, at least in quantity.

Eighty-one half dollars turned up two 90% silver halves (2 x 1964) and two 40% silver halves (2 x 1968D).

3,700 quarters yielded three Canadians, one French franc, one US nickel and one US penny. I still haven't found a silver US quarter. :(

1,250 dimes turned up three Canadians and one Bermuda 10¢.

2,120 nickels, one box and some hand rolled, produced one War Time (1943S), three Canadians (1 Ni) and one Bermuda 5¢. That's the first silver nickel I've found in almost two weeks.

The pennies were just so-so, 1,000 of them yielded six Wheats and five Canadians. The Wheats were:

1944, 1951D, 1952D, 1953, 1957D, 1958D

Found: 1 penny (at Moe's), 2 dimes (at White Hen Pantry)