Saturday, November 15, 2008

Madagascar 2

Yesterday I took the day off and a good day with the family. In the morning Meg and I took Henry out for breakfast at a local dinner. We had a good time and Henry was very well behaved. In the afternoon I took him over to his aunt's house. She watched him, I took my older nephew to see Madagascar 2, and Meg prepared for a party we are throwing today. A win-win-win situation! Both Evan and I enjoyed the movie it was a little scary at times and I thought there would be more singing and dancing, but it was still good. I was just impressed by the graphics and happy to have some time with my nephew.

He brought good luck. Before the movies we stopped at a grocery store to buy some candy and soda (just for me). We found a bunch of coins in the Coin Star machine reject bin. I let him keep the US coins and I kept the three Russia ones, one Russian 2 Kopek coin and two Russian 15 Kopek coins. Both varieties were new to me.

I've also done a mega amount of coin searching over the past few days.

Seventy-five small dollars didn't produce anything.

8,127 half dollars turned up eight 90% silver halves (7 x 1964, 2000S), seventeen 40% silver halves (1965, 1966, 2 x 1967, 10 x 1968D, 3 x 1969D) and six mint set halves (3 x 2002P, 2002D, 2003D, 2006P). I thought I was going to do worse than last week, but my last box pushed me over the top a bit. The 2000S half I found is only the third modern silver half I've found. It has a great mirror finish to it and the silver seems much whiter and brighter than any other half I've pulled out of a roll. I was very happy to find it.

3,000 quarters yielded just four Canadians, four US nickels, one US dime and a US penny. I was really hoping for a silver quarter, but it was not to be.

I did much better with the dimes. I searched 4,200 of them and found five silver dimes (1943, 1953D, 1962D, 2 x 1964), eleven Canadians, one UK 5 pence and one French ½ franc.

The nickels weren't so good. 1,600 of them only gave me two Canadians. I did find a key date Jefferson, however, the 1949S. That's the first key I've found a while, I think.

I've yet to search another bag of nickels and the big bunch pennies I have.

Found: 7 pennies (3 at Sovereign Bank, 4 at Price Chopper), 1 nickel (at Price Chopper), 2 dimes (1 at Sovereign Bank, 1 at Price Chopper), 3 foreign coins (all at Price Chopper, one Russian 2 Kopeks, two Russian 15 Kopeks)


James (UK) said...

Nice one on those finds, and I like the "win-win-win" term... I'm going to use that one myself when the opportunity arises.

Like those Russian coins a lot. Something very "old World" about the designs on them, a bit like those old German ones I turned up a while back.

kestrelia said...

I like them too. I hadn't found any Russian coins in the first 1-1 1/2 years of coin hunting and suddendly I've found Russian coins on three separate occasions.

James (UK) said...

Have you had a lot of Russians or Eastern Europeans moving into your area?

I think a lot of my finds tend to come from Polish / Eastern Europeans who are over here at the moment, if you see what I mean.