Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vroom, Vroom

Last night when I got home Meg told me that Henry has begun to make a car sound a bit like "vroom, vroom" when he moves his truck on the floor. I haven't heard it yet, but it did get me thinking why has Henry suddenly begun to push his truck on the floor in a upright fashion. Before a few days ago he just liked to flip the thing over and play with the wheels, now he likes to push it along. It is cute. He's also started pushing a foot stool we have across the carpet. Who needs a wagon with wheels when you can push just about anything, I guess? We'll have to watch that Christmas tree and pile of gifts!

I searched a bit of coin last night ... no hoards.

5,000 pennies produced twenty-three Wheats, twenty-nine Canadians, four US dimes and one Euro 2¢. The Wheats were:

1916, 1934, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1944, 1944D, 1945(2), 1949D, 1951, 1953, 1953D(3), 1955(2), 1956D(4), 1957, 1958D

Found: 3 pennies (all at Costco), 1 dime (at Costco)


James (UK) said...

"My" Henry has now learnt the actions to the commands of: "What's a monkey do, Henry?", "What's a Lion do, Henry?", (insert various animals here)

My favourite is the monkey he does, complete with him making the "Ooh! Ooh!" face.

(Well, how would you describe it? ;-) )