Saturday, July 26, 2008

Front Page!

Tonight I saw that my gold coin discovery made the front page of my favorite coin forum web site, Coin Community. Awesome.

Henry also had his first fruit serving today ... a banana! It's by far the most nutrients he has gotten from a source other than his mom. Will he like avocados just as much?


James (UK) said...

My Brother's new son (also a Henry) goes mad for mango, so try that as and when you can.

Blueberries are also a favourite of his, although that might be more because he enjoys mashing them in his hands (and then smearing the paste everywhere!).

James (UK) said...

I forgot the most important thing; Nice one on the mention too! ;-)

Why not print it off and laminate it or something? Be nice to show Henry when he's old enough.

My Father, our Henry's Grandfather" planted some trees in a local council-sponsored event a while back, and it made the local paper, along with a photo which included my Dad. I managed to get a copy of the photo enlarged and laminated it for him, and he's looking forward to showing it to Henry when he's older, along with showing him the (hopefully) bigger tree that was planted the same year he was born.

kestrelia said...

Ha. One of these days he'll hopefully enjoy my coins. I think he'll have fun reading my and my wife's blogs.