Sunday, March 30, 2008


This weekend was a weekend of outings. We had several successful outings. We went to Target, to the grocery store, and to a local park. Henry slept through all of them. It was good to be out a bit more than we have been in the past. We'll have to keep it up. We had to skip a birthday party though because we couldn't calm him on Saturday afternoon. He gets to riled up at times. Afterwards there is a usually a big crash and the above is a picture of him napping with his mommy.

I also finished reading another book, Pottery in Roman Britain, by Guy De LA Bedoyere. It was disappointing. I know for many the topic couldn't be more boring, but I thought it'd be interesting. Among all things left by the Romans pottery is without doubt the most plentiful, widespread, and complete. A whole book about it, however, is just a bit too much for me. Although the books are short, 64 pages, and small the series that this book is a part of looks promising. There are a handful concerning ancient coins I might look into.

Found: 6 pennies (4 at the car wash, 2 at Shaw's), 1 dime (at Shaw's)

Redeemed: $7.40