Thursday, March 13, 2008

Freakouts - 500,000 Dimes Searched

Yesterday was a really good day for Henry and us. The night before he only had one freakout and after that he was on his best behavior. It was good for us as he had some important visitors. His grandfather brought over three of his great-grandparents for a first visit. We had lunch with them at the house and everyone got to hold Henry for a time, sometimes two times. He was alert for the first third of the visit as well. In the evening his good behavior continued. I really enjoyed bonding with him on the couch and watching TV with him on my chest. Fortunately, he was good to his mom and only had one nightly freakout at 4:30AM this morning. As I left I told him I was counting on him giving his mother a nice break today. We'll see how he listens!

I did some coin hunting over the last two days. I went through a big mess of dimes and in doing so surpassed the 500,000 mark! In total I searched 12,200 dimes. In them I found eight silver Rosies (1951, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960D, 1962, 1962D), two Canadians, two UK 5 pences, and one East Carribean States 10¢.

I also searched 880 hand rolled nickels and found one War Time (1943P), two Canadians, one MBTA (Boston subway/bus) token, and one German 50 Pfennig. I think the MBTA token is now worthless. In addition I looked through 400 hand rolled pennies and they produced just one Wheat (1942) and three Canadians.

Last night I finished a book I started at the hospital, Roman Towns in Britain, by Guy de la Bedoyere. It was a good read. I've read another book by the author and that is why I found this one on Amazon. I've also seen the author on the British TV show Time Team, one of my all time favorites. I really like his perspective on history. He doesn't try to draw ridiculous conclusions based on a couple of archaelogical finds, instead he presents them to his reader as is. Furthermore, he has a great way of presenting history in it's total context, one that that is similar to our own world in that both have an infinite number of facets to everyday life. A big plus about the author, in my opinion, is that he's into coin collecting and so there is lots of numismatic information in his books. The only drawback to the book was one needed a prior understanding of the Roman situation in Britain to enjoy it. I have a few more of his books on order.

Found: 12 pennies (at the car wash), 2 nickels (at the car wash), 1 dime (at the car wash), 1 quarter (at the car wash)


Anonymous said...

Actually, the MBTA token is worth $1.25. It will be accepted at any of the T's fare vending machines. You can put it toward the cost of a bus or subway fare.

kestrelia said...

Thanks! I wonder if I can put the handful I have in the machine and hit "cash out," thus changing all of them into cash.

Anonymous said...

Clever thought. But no can do. The tokens can only be "changed" into CharlieCards or CharlieTickets.

Thom said...

I'm a time team fan too, I went to see it being filmed when they were digging in my home town back in England.

kestrelia said...

That sounds awesome. I've only seen a handful of episodes. Some of them are on DVD, but unfortunately they are Region 2 only and not available on Netflix ... must get a multi-region player soon.

Anonymous said...


ANONYMOUS here. You should read "TWILIGHT IN THE DESERT" BY Matthew R. Simmons. It might give you a different perspective of our oil situation. Congratulations and enjoy your new son.