Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Calm

Last night was a good night for us. Henry was quite content. Perhaps he realized his parents still needed to rest from the weekend? I was told he went for a nice 1/2 hour walk with Meg during the day and with me he was able to amuse himself in his chair for almost 45 minutes. Slowing he's learning to bat the toys above him.

I did some coin roll hunting while he stared at his shaking toys.

I searched 3,680 hand rolled quarters and found one silver Washington (1939), ten Canadians, four US nickels, one Canadian nickel, and one Brazil 10 Centavos. The silver quarter is the 2nd oldest US quarter I've found. It's tarnished, but is not too worn.

I also inspected 1,400 hand rolled dimes. They produced just two Canadians.

After that I searched 1,760 hand rolled nickels. In them were five Canadians, two US dimes, and one Bahamas 5¢.

Lastly, I looked through 1,550 pennies and found five Wheats (1919S, 1952, 1955D, 1956, 1957D) and seven Canadians.

Found: 12 pennies (1 outside Newbury Comics, 10 at the car wash, 1 at Stop & Shop), 1 foreign coin (a Canadian penny at the car wash)