Saturday, July 14, 2007


Last night and this morning I went through my late week allotment of coins.

I first went through two boxes of quarters. In the boxes I found my first Idaho 2007P quarter. Otherwise they were both skunks, no Canadians or silver ones.

I then went through four boxes of dimes. In the boxes I found six silver Rosies (1958D, 1964, 1954S, 1962, 1953S, 1959). Three of those were varieties I needed, 17 more to go. I also found a Canadian variety I needed, a 2001P Bluenose.

(I tried to scan the dimes, but my scanner isn't working. I haven't given up on it completely, though.)

This morning I finished two boxes of nickels. In them I found one War Time nickel (1945S), ten Canadians, and one Bermuda 5 cent piece. One of the Canadians was one I was looking for (1991).

I also rushed through two boxes of pennies. The second box was full of Canadians. It had 98 of them in it. In all I found 34 wheats and 114 Canadians. I found two wheat varieties I was seeking (1929S, 1942S) and one Canadian I didn't have yet (1951).

After that was all done I attempted to dump most it at my favorite dump bank. Unfortunately, their Coin Star machine was full. (It wasn't me this time!) I went north to the third closest Sovereign with a free Coin Star as the second closest machine was full as well. I got a bit lost and then had a hell of a time with the machine. The thing was accepting as many coins as it was rejecting until the teller fixed it, it jammed once, and I let a few people cut in line. I only got through half of my coins before I lost my patience.

It paid off though and my gas was mostly paid for as the teller gave me all of the rejects. The machine at that bank is older (or different) than the one at my main bank. It's less robust - which sucked, but it has an internal magnet that collects foreign coins. The teller gave them to me. In the mess was one key, one makeup container, two nails, two religious medals, five Canadian nickels, sixteen Canadian dimes, nine Canadian quarters, six Canadian cents, one 5 cent Ecuador piece, three 5 cent Euro pieces, two 2 cent Euro pieces, one 1 cent Euro piece, one peso, one 25 cent Aruba piece, one 10 cent Mexican piece, one UK penny, one 50 cent Hong Kong piece, one 10 cent Dominican Republic piece, and one US 1943S steel penny.

I am still excited that I found a 1943S steel penny! Now I only need the 1943D. In the Canadian coins I found four varieties I needed, three quarters (April 1999, 1989, 1969) and one dime (1968 V-Shaped Grooves). Plus, $4.16 Canadian is as good as US when I put it in paper rolls.

Found: 15 pennies (2 at the Liquor Store, 3 at the Sovereign bank, 10 at Shaw's), 1 dime (at the Sovereign Bank)

Redeemed: $3.15