Saturday, July 7, 2007

Three Sevens

Yesterday while in Edgartown I managed to find four more halves. No keepers, oh well.

Today my luck changed. I guess it's the three sevens thing (07/07/07). Today I went through my usual Monday night coin boxes (I'm going to be pretty busy this week, so I shifted my schedule slightly.).

In two boxes of dimes I found just two silver Rosies (1950D, 1963). They were both varieties I needed. So no complaints here. 20 silver Rosie varieties to go. Where have all the Canadian dimes gone? I found none in these two boxes.

After the the dimes I went through two boxes of quarters. While listening to a NPR story about a woman who won a million dollars twice I found two silver quarters in one box (1957D, 1964D)! That's a record! (See below.)

I then went through two boxes of nickels and found two War Time nickels (1943P, 1945P), one dateless Buffalo, and 14 Canadians. I did not find any of the three varieties I still need.

Lastly, I went through two boxes of pennies. In them I found a ton of wheats, one box had an unusually large number of 1950's wheats all toned the exact same. In the boxes I found one variety I needed, however, a worn 1924 specimen.

Before I left for my vacation I compiled some statistics:

Oldest Penny - 1895
Oldest Nickel - 1919
Oldest Dime - 1943S
Oldest Quarter - 1957D
Oldest Half Dollar - 1964
Oldest Dollar - 1971

Most War Nickels in one box - 3
Most Buffalo Nickels in one box - 2 (twice)
Most Silver Dimes in one box - 6
Most Silver Quarters in one box - 2

Found: 9 pennies (6 in Vineyard Haven, 1 in West Tisbury, 1 at the Sovereign Bank, 1 in Newton Centre), 1 nickel (Newton Centre), 5 dimes (3 in Vineyard Haven, 1 in West Tisbury, 1 in Newton Centre)


Chris said...

Did you know that the Canadians have a 50 cent piece? I didn't until I found one today.

kestrelia said...

Excellent! I did know they have one, but don't have one myself. It's a bit like our half in that they are generally not circulated. I always wondered if silver ones were as easy to come by as US silver halves.