Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hand Rolled Rolls

Yesterday at the bank a teller friend of mine gave me $440 in coins she took in from an older gentleman. She thought I'd have good luck with them.

I went through the quarters first. There were 1,040 of them. In the batch I only found one Canadian. I went through 400 nickels and found only one Canadian as well. The rolls also had two dimes and five pennies in them. The dimes, 1,050, looked equally disappointing, but in the second to last row my luck changed. I found a nice 1937 Mercury dime. My oldest dime to date! (I also found a penny in the dime rolls.)

My luck continued with the 3,500 pennies ... big time. It was a wheat penny bonanza! I found 128 wheats, 28 Canadians, one nickel, six dimes, one Barbados 1 cent, and one German 2 Pfennig. In the bunch I found three varieties I didn't have (1927, 1931, 1948D) and a few upgrades. Here's the variety breakdown.

1930 x 2
1940 x 4
1941 x 4
1942 x 5
1944 x 16
1945 x 12
1946 x 12
1948 x 3
1948D x 2
1952 x 3
1953 x 3
1953D x 3
1955 x 12
1956 x 2
1956D x 8
1957D x 8
1958 x 5
1958D x 4

Found: 2 pennies (1 outside CVS, 1 inside CVS), 1 dime (on the street near our apartment)


Chris said...

I'm getting close to not reading your blog after all the damn wheat penny success that you have. It makes me feel bad!

I'm in the process of documenting exactly what I find in 20 boxes of pennies that I'm sorting now. That way I can give you some actual numbers with a large sample, but it is going to pale in comparison to what you find!

kestrelia said...

Strange, as when I was finding them all I thought ... Chris is going to kill me.

Still jealous of your V nickel and Franklins. ;)