Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Well it has taken a lot longer to get started up on my next hobby, to a point I can blog regularly about it anyway and so I've gotten out of the habit of blogging regularly. Lots is still going on with us, however. We're still very busy, not sleeping much, getting through various colds and seeing delightful progress by the kids. Yesterday Meg showed me something Hazel colored during the day. It was amazing! Her coloring is about Henry's level. The way she holds the pencil is impressive. I thought Henry had colored what Meg showed me.

Here are some pictures I found on the camera today.

Hazel loves to dress herself. Often one of the first things she says to me in the morning is, "Put clothes on?" Henry has gotten a lot better about outerwear. He now regularly puts on his own coat and zips it up.

Meg made the kids this snowplow one day.

The kids made snow ice cream with Meg one day while I was at work.

For Meg's birthday we went to Pump-It-Up ... we also went out to eat at Meg's favorite restaurant.

The blurry image on the left is Hazel.