Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And Then There Was One

Here's a picture of one of the two farms I built with Henry over the weekend. It's gotten really fun to setup such things with Henry for me because now both he and I create the scene. He likes to tell me what parts are the shade the animals, feed them and are for them to play with. The second farm I built, on Sunday morning, included a bit for Hazel so she could put animals inside it too.

Last night I was a witness to one of the somewhat cute disagreements between Henry and Hazel. Henry kept saying to Hazel, "Don't you know white milk comes from cows?" Hazel would reply, "No." At points Henry would ask us, "Why does Hazel not think white milk comes from cows?" It went on for ten minutes or so.

361 small dollars and 20 half dollars had one proof dollar (2010S Sacagawea) and one Canadian dollar. That's the first proof dollar I've found since July 2011!

3,800 quarters rounded up five Canadians, four US dimes and one US nickel.

3,500 dimes yielded two silver Rosies (1951S, 1964), six Canadians, one UK 5 pence and one US penny. The 1951S is the first new old silver Rosie I've found since October 2010! I now only have one left to complete my album, the 1946S. It felt really good finding this one.

2,040 nickels turned up one dateless Buffalo (S Mint), one War Time (1944S), two Canadians, one US dime and a key date Jefferson, the 1939S. The 1944S is a nice upgrade to the one I have in my album.