Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This weekend we went out to my in-laws to celebrate Christmas with the other side of the family. We had a tough time getting the kids to sleep there, but otherwise everything went fine. We had a great time on the way back home when we stopped at a modern art museum with Nonnie.

Meg and Hazel touching some artwork in the kid friendly part of the museum before we were told it was not permitted. It didn't look breakable to us!

Hazel doing some artwork.

Henry checking out the big painted panels that filled several rooms in a maze like fashion. He was very impressed.

The kids of course also enjoyed looking out the large factory windows at the canal and trucks.

Henry contemplating.

Hazel during on her and Henry's impromptu dance parties. Meg's got some great video of this as well.

Hazel just outside the museum.

This weekend I searched the last coins of 2011. It was a good ending to a good year of searching (my 2011 review will be coming soon).

8,000 halves turned up five 90% silver halves (1906, 1944D, 3 x 1964), twenty-eight 40% silver halves (5 x 1966, 9 x 1967, 8 x 1968D, 6 x 1969D) and four proof halves (1972S, 1973S, 1974S, 1981S). That's the first new Walking Liberty half I've found since 10/24/10! The 1906 Barber half is only the fourth I've found (my first repeat).

11,150 pennies rounded up one hundred thirteen Wheats, sixty-nine Canadians, 3 x Euro 2¢, one Euro 1¢ and one Bermuda 1¢. One of the Wheats was a really rusty Steelie, it is obviously from 1943, but I can't discern any or no mint mark.

1913, 1914, 1919, 1929, 1934, 1936, 1936D(2), 1937, 1939(2), 1940(4), 1941(5), 1942(4), 1942S, 1943?, 1944(10), 1945(8), 1946(12), 1947(4), 1947D, 1948(4), 1948D, 1949(2), 1950, 1950D, 1951D, 1952(5), 1952D(4), 1953(3), 1953D(4), 1955(3), 1956(3), 1956D(4), 1957D8), 1958(3), 1958D(5)

And some for 2012 ...

5,000 pennies yielded twenty Wheats and seventeen Canadians.

1937, 1941, 1942(2), 1944, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1953, 1953D, 1953S, 1954, 1955, 1956(2), 1957, 1957D, 1958D(2)

Found (2012): one penny