Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last night was another good start to year ...

2,880 quarters turned up two silver Washingtons (1963, 1964), two Canadians and one US nickel.

4,950 dimes produced three silver Rosies (2 x 1964, 1964D), four Canadians, one Swiss 10 Rappen and two US pennies. One of the pennies was a very corroded and beat up Indian Head penny! I can't be sure of the date, but I think it's an 1883. I might spend some more time with it. I guess one will come across just about anything in rolls after a while.

2,160 nickels yielded two Buffalo nickels (unknown, 1929), six Canadians (2 Ni), three US dimes, three US pennies and one Ecuador 5¢.