Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I Dream About?

Yesterday Meg took Hazel to the doctor. It seems she has another ear infection. We're hoping the medicine kicks in soon because she hasn't been herself for days now. (Unfortunately Henry is jealous of her getting medicine and tells us he doesn't feel well and needs medicine too ... it was cute the first time.)

This morning Henry started a conversation with a familiar question, "What I dream about?" "I don't know. What did you dream about?," was Meg's response. He then told us how he had a dream about teeny tiny green balls and how he was pretending Nonnie was there and then she was there with him. The night before he had a dream about his friend Owen. He was at our house and eating with Henry in the dream. I guess sleeping on the floor has been good for dreaming!

Meg and I have also wondered lately when Henry will say his sister's name correctly. He still refers to her mostly as something close to "Dizz," but at Trader Joe's this weekend he finally said "Hazel" with a special emphasis on the "HAZE." "Why Evan call Dizz that?" he said. We explained. Now he calls Hazel by her name about 1/3 of the time.

1 large dollar, 78 small dollars and 1,280 quarters didn't have anything.

2,400 dimes produced five Canadians and one Aruba 10¢.

2,480 nickels yielded two War Times (1943P, 1944P), two Canadians, two US dimes, one Red Sox token, one Italian 50 Lire and a Indian 50 Paise. The Indian coin is a new one for me.


sassymom said...

Too cute on "Dizz." I miss Liam's calling Evan "N." Liam also gets jealous when Evan has the pink medicine, and he doesn't. Evan, on the other hand, needs to be force fed the pink stuff. I wish could give medicine to Evan via Liam.