Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After three pleasant days at home it was sure difficult driving into work ... the traffic didn't help either.

On Friday we had family night at Friendly's (Henry's idea ... Dad concurred). Saturday morning was consumed by a trip out to my folks. We took Nana to a nursery to get some plants for our garden and hers, went to a sunny park and had grilled cheeses with Grandpa back at the house. Henry didn't want to leave (nothing new there), but otherwise the kids were great. Hazel doesn't seem to mind these Mom-less trips anymore.

On Sunday Henry and I went to church and in the afternoon I took the kids grocery and farm stand shopping. In the evening Nana and Grandpa came over so that Meg and I could go out with a couple we know. It was the first time we went out with another couple since I don't know when (three years maybe!?). We had a good time. Hazel kept sleeping and Henry was really good with our departure and bedtime.

I was off Monday so we took the kids to see cousin Evan in a small Memorial Day parade. I'm not sure if Henry will ever like parades. The loud music instantly overwhelms him. :( Besides that, however, the event went well. Henry and Liam particularly liked their action packed wagon ride from Grandpa. Both of them wished they could have played longer together, but unfortunately we had stuff to do at home. Henry went to two stores with me in the afternoon. In the parking lot of Lowe's he said to me, "I stay in car." I said, "No. It is too hot." He said, "I have sunscreen on."

Some other good moments of the weekend were Henry peeing in his toilet for the first time, Henry and Hazel playing naked in the small outdoor pool we have Sunday and Monday and Hazel's continued fascination with birds. We Hazel is now saying "bird" and "dog." She certainly says something to get our attention while she's watching such animals, something like "bah" and "dah."

My coins from this weekend were a bit ho-hum.

8,000 halves turned up just seven 40% silver halves (1965, 1966, 2 x 1967, 1968D, 2 x 1969D) and one proof half (1974S).

5,000 pennies rounded up twenty-six Wheats and twenty-eight Canadians.

1930, 1935, 1936, 1941, 1945(2), 1946(3), 1947D, 1948, 1950D, 1951(2), 1952D, 1955(2), 1955D, 1956(3), 1956D(2), 1958, 1958D(2)

Found: 1 penny, 1 dime