Monday, May 16, 2011

This weekend went pretty well for us.

Things started off right on Friday with a slow, but relaxing (two well behaved, self amused kids!) dinner at Friendly's. On Saturday Henry and I went to Target and Blue Home Depot (Lowes) to pick up some stuff. Henry found himself a dump truck and we got Hazel a new baby doll (this one is more realistic than her others, she doesn't get too many new toys it seems). Hazel really liked her doll when we got home. She gave it lots of love (kisses, hugs and pats). We went to a birthday party for one of Henry's friends and when we got home and Hazel went for a nap, Henry took over the doll. He played with it for a couple hours, even bringing it along to Trader Joe's with Meg. We were surprised because he never said he wanted one. Now Henry and Hazel "share" the doll. We might have to get two of them ... we'll see.

Sunday went pretty well too. Henry was really good at church, he helped me put out the rain barrels in the afternoon and in the early evening I took both he and Hazel to the science museum while Meg took a yoga class.

I didn't do too hot with this weekend's coins.

8,000 halves turned up just one 90% silver half (1964) and two 40% silver halves (1965, 1969D).

5,000 pennies yielded twenty-three Wheats, forty-six Canadians and one Bahamas 1¢. In the bunch was also a new modern one for me, the 2011.

1926, 1930, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1949D, 1950S, 1953D, 1954D(2), 1955, 1956D(2), 1957(3), 1957D(2), 1958(2), 1958D

Found: 1 penny, 1 quarter


Postal Grunt said...

It's a shame they don't have a Bill Nye the Science Guy action figures.