Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Pat Day!

"Pat Day" is what Henry's been calling St. Patrick's Day (today). I'm not sure why he decides to try to say one thing over another, but this one's a cute one. Maybe he'll be saying "Happy Easter!" somehow?

Yesterday Meg and Henry came back from a quick trip they took to my in-laws. This gave me a chance to take the day off and clean out our study for the new baby. Everything's just about gone from the room and we're ready to start preparing the walls and windows for painting. That felt good. Henry didn't seem to like it when I told him that the room was for his younger brother or sister.

He's seemed to understand the "2nd baby situation" a lot lately. Meg took him to an appointment last week and since then he's associated mom's belly with "baby" and "boom-boom" (the heartbeat he heard). He's asked us if he has a baby in his tummy too and if Daddy does.

Last night things returned to normal and I searched some coin.

5,840 quarters produced one silver Washington (1964), ten Canadians, four US dimes, two US nickels, one US penny and a Swiss 1 franc (1982). The Swiss coin is a new type for me.

5,750 dimes yielded two silver Rosies (1958D, 1959), eleven Canadians, one US penny, one Cayman Islands 5¢ and one Hong Kong 10¢. The Hong Kong coin is a new variety for me.

As parting gift for me (she's switching branches) a teller saved me some coins, a 90% silver half (1964) and six Wheats (1942, 1945, 1950S, 1951D, 1956D, 1957D).

Found: 2 pennies (1 at Costco)


Thom said...

That's a pretty nice day I'd say. I hope the replacement teller is as cooperative in terms of supplying the coins you want.