Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This morning while putting some pictures on a flash drive I showed Henry a picture he drew last week. Without prompting he told me it was a "ha" (helicopter) again! I was shocked. He did it for Meg a few minutes later too. Hope he has fun with his mother and grandmother at the zoo today. Wish I were there!

2,880 quarters produced one silver Washington (1941) and three Canadians.

350 dimes didn't turn up anything.

10,000 pennies yielded sixty-four Wheats, seventy-two Canadians and one Barbados 1¢. The Wheats were:

1918S, 1928, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1940, 1941(4), 1942D, 1944(7), 1945(4), 1946(5), 1946S, 1947, 1948, 1950(2), 1951D(2), 1952(3), 1952D, 1953, 1953D(3), 1954, 1955(2), 1955D, 1956(3), 1956D(3), 1957, 1957D(8), 1958, 1958D(2)

The 1918S is the second example of that variety I've found. Only 34,680,000 were minted, so it's a pretty good find for me.

I also got a big batch of foreign coins from a teller. In the batch was forty-five Canadian pennies, six Canadian nickels (3 Ni), four Canadian dimes, five Canadian quarters, one Bermuda 25¢, one Cayman Islands 25¢, one Cuba 10¢ and one US dime. The Cuban coin is a new variety for me.

Found: 1 penny (at the Mobil), 2 dimes (1 at DCU, 1 at Bed, Bath and Beyond), 1 quarter (at Stop & Shop)


James (UK) said...

Love that helicopter!