Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth of July

This weekend was something else! It was a busy one, a fun and a trying one.

On Friday we went to a local park. The weather was finally great so it felt really nice. We went to the library after the park to get some new books for Henry (and for Mom and Dad since we have to read them to him). That day we also had his uncle and aunt over.

Saturday was even more busy. We went strawberry picking in the morning. We've been to the place before, but this time was even better as they have new playground equipment there and there weren't many people there because it was early. Henry also enjoyed the goats. In the afternoon we went to a parade in my parent's town. Henry was scared of the loud horns and sirens at the beginning and ending of the parade, but he had a good time waving his flag in the middle of the show. That evening we went out for BBQ.

Today things started off very rough. We never got to church as we had to turn around because Henry was crying way too much and seemed in pain. Maybe it is his teeth or perhaps he was still tired from the two days before? His bad mood continued throughout the whole day. It totally wiped us out. While he napped Meg and I worked on his sandbox. In total we transported 1200 pounds of sand in two trips from Lowes and put 1100 pounds in the 5.5 x 5.5 inner box I made. The outer box is 8 x 8. At some later point I fill that border between the two boxes with wood chips. In the late afternoon we took Henry took his cousin's birthday party. It was a solidly execute affair. It was rescue themed and in keeping with the theme the local policeman showed up to let the kids see his cruiser and meet his drug sniffing dog. After the party we couldn't put Henry to bed soon enough.

Sixty-four small dollars didn't produce anything. The small dollars I turned up does, however, include a brand new mint set, direct from the mint roll. I think the coins are 2000, but am not sure as the roll doesn't say and both coins at the ends are showing the reverse. I might sell this one on E-Bay.

8,000 half dollars yielded one 90% silver half (1964) and thirty 40% silver halves (1965, 4 x 1966, 17 x 1967, 6 x 1968D, 2 x 1969D). That's better than I've done in some weeks. Most of the rolls contained coins with very worn edges. I hadn't seen that before over such a large sample.

120 quarters, 50 dimes and 320 nickels only turned up one Canadian nickel (1 Ni).

550 pennies had two Wheats (1946, 1956D) and three Canadians.

Found: 1 dime (at Home Depot)


James (UK) said...

Happy forth! We do the "strawberry picking" here too, and it's more commonly known as "PYO" or "Pick your own".

Not keen on the new layout though... sorry!