Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nope, It's Mommy's Little Monster

Looking back at my previous post title made me cringe a bit. Unfortunately, things are not back to normal. Henry (and his mom) has been having a terrible time with an ear infection and a stuffed up nose. At times it is next to impossible to get him to stop crying. Hopefully today's nap helps a bit and he'll be distracted enough by our mother's day shopping.

This morning we picked up two rain barrels. I'm going to paint them and set them up later today. I'll post some pictures when that's done.

Last night I did well with my Friday coins for the third week in a row!

Forty small dollars didn't produce anything.

8,006 half dollars yielded twenty-four 90% silver halves (1963, 21 x 1964, 1964D, 2003S-Ag), seventy-seven 40% silver halves (2 x 1965, 5 x 1966, 28 x 1967, 27 x 1968D, 15 x 1969D), eleven proofs (2 x 1993S, 1995S, 1997S, 1999S, 2000S, 2001S, 2002S, 2 x 2003S, 2003S-Ag), four mint set halves (1987P, 1987D, 2007D, 2008D) and two commemoratives (1986S Statue of Liberty, 1994P World Cup). I already have the 2003S-Ag half, but it's a beauty and a nice upgrade to the previous one. It always feels great finding those. The World Cup half is a new one for me. I tried to take a picture of both of these halves, but I got too much of the camera in the reflection. I'll try a different technique later. This the first time I've found two commemoratives in one sitting. The Statue of Liberty half is the fourth one I've found. Unfortunately, it's in very bad shape.

The two good coins from this weekend got me thinking about the rarest halves I've found. By mintage two of the ones I found last night are in the top ten. Here's a chart that shows the rare US coins I've found.

1925 Lexington-Concord Half Dollar
1989D Bicentennial of the Congress Half Dollar
1921 Half Dollar
1992S Columbus Half Dollar
1994P World Cup Half Dollar
1999S-Ag Half Dollar
2002S-Ag Indiana Quarter
2000S-Ag Half Dollar
1946 Booker T. Washington Half Dollar
2003S-Ag Half Dollar (2)

Found: 6 pennies (1 near a parking meter), 1 dime (near a parking meter)

Redeemed: $.05


James (UK) said...

I think the horrible thing with ear infections in young children is the pain they are in... it's very uncomfortable that feeling you get in your ears when you have anything like this.