Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good week, Good weekend

Things started off pretty good this weekend. On Friday during lunch I fund a dollar bill. It was the first paper money find I've made it some time. Later that day Henry rewarded Meg and I with good behavior during a family restaurant trip.

His good behavior lasted the whole weekend. He was very agreeable the errands we wanted to do and wasn't cranky at all, especially compared to the previous two weekends. We wish they all could be like this past weekend.

I searched twenty-one small dollars, but didn't find anything.

8,000 half dollars turned up some more good stuff. I found nineteen 90% silver half dollars (1935, 2 x 1942, 1958D, 1963, 12 x 1964, 2 x 1964D), ninety-six 40% silver half dollars (2 x 1965, 10 x 1966, 27 x 1967, 36 x 1968D, 19 x 1969D), sixteen proof halves (1976S, 1992S, 1993S, 2 x 1994S, 1995S, 2 x 1998S, 5 x 2000S, 2 x 2001S, 2006S), six mint set halves (2002P, 2002D, 2003P, 2004P, 2007P, 2008P) and four commemorative halves (1993P 50th Anniversary of World War II, 1994P World Cup, 2 x 1995S Civil War Battlefields). The new varieties are awesome. All of the commemoratives came from the same box! One was even showing at the end of a roll. All three commemorative varieties made my top ten rarities list.

1925 Lexington-Concord Half Dollar
1989D Bicentennial of the Congress Half Dollar
1921 Half Dollar
1993P 50th Anniversary of World War II
1995S Civil War Battlefields (2)
1992S Columbus Half Dollar
1994P World Cup Half Dollar (2)
1999S-Ag Half Dollar
2002S-Ag Indian Quarter
2000S-Ag Half Dollar

I never thought I'd find two commemoratives in one sitting (like last week), let alone four in one box. It almost overshadows finding another Walking Liberty half I needed for my album. Here are some pictures of the types. I'm still working on a good way to photograph proof coins.

Found: 4 pennies (1 on the street, 1 outside Dunkin' Donuts, 1 inside White Hen, 1 outside White Hen), 1 quarter (on the street), 1 $1 dollar bill (on the street)