Saturday, January 24, 2009

Four Keepers

Sometimes I'm way over optimistic about what I can get done in certain period of time (generally this happens at home, not at work). Today was one of those days. The goals were to go to Home Depot, go to Target, dump coins at one bank, pick up more at another bank, make a camera stand and do some more bathroom work.

Henry and I set out early. Meg was getting a haircut so we went to Home Depot. We didn't make it to Target. He had fun at Home Depot, but his patience was wearing thin so we didn't make it to Target. I don't know how Meg gets as many errands done with him as she does. He's great in the store, but get into and out of the car can be very tough.

Here's Henry in Home Depot. Unfortunately I didn't have the automatic focus feature on.

While he napped I did my bank runs and began work on my camera stand. The first idea for camera stand didn't work, so when he got up we went back to Home Depot to get some other materials. My second idea worked, but by the time it was done and after I cleaned out our tool closet and broke up some ice there was no time to start any bathroom work.

The above is a picture of Henry with one of Meg's grocery bags on his head. He put it on there himself while she was putting the groceries away.

I searched coin during some downtime today. The results stunk.

Twenty-seven small dollars didn't produce anything.

8,002 half dollars turned up one 40% silver half (1967), one proof half (1978S) and two mint set halves (2004D, 2006D).

Here's the best coin picture I've take so far. It's the lone silver coin I found today. I used my homemade stand to take it. I'll take some pictures of the stand tomorrow and experiment more with focusing the camera. I've got a lot more coins to take pictures of.

Found: 5 pennies (1 at Walgreens, 1 outside Bank of America ATM, 2 at Costco, 1 at Home Depot), 2 quarters (1 at Sovereign Bank, 1 at Home Depot)


James (UK) said...

That is a very good shot... and more satisfying that it came about from using something you made yourself.

That picture of Henry with the bag on his head is a classic! ;-)

I wondered if perhaps your wife has a different "method" for getting H in and out of the car? She doesn't take the whole seat out, and put that into the store trolleys, instead of un-strapping him each time etc.?