Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 is here! I think it will be a big year for our family. This should be the year that Henry learns to walk and talk. I can't wait to hear him say "Mommy" and "Daddy." His first birthday party should be a lot of fun.

We didn't do too much for New Year's Eve, but we did enjoy some Chinese take-out. On New Year's Eve day Meg took Henry out sledding for the first time (He also brushed his teeth for the first time a bit back). I wanted to take him out again yesterday, but it was just too cold.

I've been compiling some more year-end reports. Unfortunately while doing so I noticed my big coin roll hunting chart on the right is messed up. :( I've had to go over all of my past postings and and count up everything again. Hopefully it is fixed by Monday.

Happy New Year everyone!

Found (2008): 3 pennies (at Stop & Shop)

Found (2009): 4 pennies (1 at the GAP, 3 at Sovereign Bank), 1 foreign coin (a Canadian quarter at Sovereign Bank)