Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Baptism

Today was supposed to be Henry's Baptism. His having a bad cold, his grandpa's not feeling so well, and some more snow all made it a good idea to postpone the event. We were able to go to the practice yesterday, however, so we're all ready. We hope Henry gets better soon. He sounds horrible today.

Yesterday even though he was sick he still managed to enjoy the squirrels outside through the windows and read some. Today he has been watching the snow fall.

Last night while getting ready for bed with his mom he played with his namesake, a stuffed animal I had when I was a kid, named Henry.

I searched some coin over the past few days.

Three large dollars and twenty-four small dollars didn't turn up anything.

8,012 half dollars produced three 90% silver halves (1957, 2 x 1964), seven 40% silver halves (1965, 1966, 2 x 1967, 1968D, 2 x 1969D), two proof halves (1986S Statue of Liberty Commemorative, 1989S) and four mint set halves (3 x 2005D, 2008D). Those three 90's are the first ones I've found this year. Now I only need six more Franklins for my album! One of the mint set halves, the 2005D, has a sticker on one side that is the reverse of the Minnesota quarter. As for the Commemorative, that's the third one I've found of that type and the second this year! They minted a bunch of them and they're clad so I'm not surprised too much. It's fun to get them.

Found: 37 pennies (31 outside Hess, 1 at work, 2 outside McDonald's, 1 at the Sovereign Bank, 1 at Bank of America, 1 outside the Doughnut Inn), 2 dimes (1 at work, 1 at the Sovereign Bank)


James (UK) said...

Were the 31 Hess pennies together? That's a lot to turn up at once, isn't it?

kestrelia said...

There's actually a story about them I should have blogged. As I was driving out of station I saw a bunch of pennies on the ground. They were so corroded that only someone like myself would notice them or pick them up. So I threw the car into reverse, parked in a spot and gathered them up. My carpool buddy was impressed with my spotting them.

James (UK) said...

So I guess they'd probably been there for a while, and got corroded in situ, or do you think they'd only just been dumped by someone?

I do like saying to Amber "Stop! Can you see it?" when I've spotted a coin, to see if she can see it too.

The worrying thing is more often than not, she looks up at the sky first, saying "where?" before I point to show her where to look!