Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tonight we had a great family dinner. Meg made a beef stew dinner and we had my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephews over. The boys all behaved well and and played together nicely. I had a particularly good time with my two nephews. There were some good moments there that'll I remember. I especially liked sharing a book about the Hindenburg with my older nephew (who told me 64 people were killed by the explosion, his number was off, but his curiosity was the important thing) and hearing my younger nephew use even more words than the last time we saw him. Henry handled everything very well.

I did a lot of coin searching last night and today during nap times.

67 small dollars didn't turn up anything.

The half dollars I searched continued my lucky streak. Hope things keep going. 8,0001 half dollars yielded eleven 90% silver halves (1952, 1953D, 9 x 1964), one hundred fifty-three 40% silver halves (10 x 1965, 22 x 1966, 49 x 1967, 35 1968D, 38 x 1969D, 1970S), twelve proofs (1970S, 1976S, 1978S, 1981S, 1983S, 1988S, 1992S, 1993S, 1994S, 2005S, 2006S), twenty-four mint set halves (2 x 2004P, 7 x 2004D, 2005P, 4 x 2006P, 8 x 2006D, 2007P, 2007D) and one Dominican Republic ½ Peso. In one box I found eight 90's, one hundred forty 40's and one proof. That was one awesome box! It feels good to have found so many proofs I needed, especially the 1970S. Less than 3 million of those were minted and it is only the second 40% silver proof I have found. The Dominican Republic coin was a first for me. It is worth 1.4¢.

I searched 160 quarters, too, but only came up with one Canadian.

I had better luck with the dimes. 3,700 of them produced two silver Rosies (1946, 1947), seven Canadians, one US penny, one Bermuda 10¢, one Belgian 1 franc (worth .0025€), one Israeli 1 New Shekel (worth 26.5¢), one Panama 10¢ and one Russian 10 Kopek (worth .3¢). That batch produced three foreign coins I had not found before, the Belgian, the Israeli and the Russian coins. The Russian coin is a good one for me, too, as it is the first coin I've found from that country.

I also did well with the nickels I searched. I went through 2,800 of them and found two War Times (1943P, 1945P), eight Canadians (4 Ni), three US dimes and two US pennies. The 1945P silver nickel is a great one. It has a double clipped planchette! I'll scan a pic of it soon.

Lastly, the pennies were OK. I looked through 3,600 pennies and turned up thirteen Wheats and twenty-four Canadians. The Wheats were:

1909, 1938, 1940, 1944, 1946, 1947, 1951, 1952, 1953D, 1954S, 1957D(2), 1958

Found: 2 pennies (1 at Sovereign Bank, 1 at Bank of America)


James (UK) said...

Is that an Inca temple on the DR coin?

Out of interest, and because I'm a "foodie", did Meg do dumplings with the stew, or "Yorkshire Puddings" at all?

And what's Henry's favourite food now? I know my nephew Henry is mad for Blueberries, of all things!

kestrelia said...

I'm not sure what that is on the DR on coin. I tried to find more information on it. I believe it is a modern monument.

No dumplings. ;) Meg did make some homemade bread with our bread machine, though, and Herny did get to enjoy the stew with us.

He has had blueberries, but his favorite right now is probably rice cakes. One half of one of those can entertain him for 1/2 hour.

Good questions.