Friday, August 3, 2012

Henry built this railroad system with an adjacent city and rock quarry yesterday. He was quite proud of himself. We are too; we just wish he built it somewhere other than the middle of the living room!

I found this funny self portrait of Henry on the camera just now.

One more funny question from Henry was uttered yesterday, "Why did you and Dad give me a baby sister?"

1 small dollar was nothing.

2,400 quarters turned up two Canadians, four Chinese 1 Yuan (in the same roll), one Indian 1 Rupee, one US dime, one US nickel and one Euro $1 (seems a fair trade for me, 25¢ for $1.22 in Euros).

850 dimes produced four silvers (1946, 1951S, 1954, 1960D) and one Canadian. The silver dimes were all in the same roll.

440 nickels had one Buffalo (1919D) and one Canadian (1 Ni). It was pretty sweet to find another new older coin just two days after a new Wheat!

Darn Blogger keeps rotating my coin images! I'm trying to fix them, but their Picassa editor isn't working for me either.