Thursday, August 2, 2012

For the past two weeks Meg has been sick, very sick for the past six days or so. We've had lots of help from family which has been great. Yesterday Meg started to get some answers and some prescriptions that should put her on the path to recovery. It feels much better to be heading in the right direction. I stayed home yesterday with her and the kids. I think it was good for the kids, but boy did Henry and I have some fights over some dumb stuff. He had a fit over Hazel sitting in "his" spot on the couch, that I told him to eat first then brush his teeth, that we weren't getting him a new toy that day and that I insisted on his using a big kid cup. It wasn't pretty at times, but he's definitely been missing Mom. I understand. We've all missed Meg a lot (most all Meg misses the normal Meg!).

Despite the fits I had some good times with Henry and Hazel. We went to the library, the park and the Ecotarium. The Ecotarium was especially fun. Henry told me, "the rain is taking my pants down!" It was raining really hard I guess!

Henry's also been asking a lot of tough questions lately that I have at times struggled to answer. It sure is tough (but fun sometimes) to combine my non-expert science knowledge with Henry's comprehension and come up with an answer he's satisfied with and isn't just, "I don't know." Some of his questions are: "Why are roads bumpy?," "Why do strobe lights make things slower?," "Why is it raining?" and "Why is there lightning?"

4 large dollars, 55 small dollars and 4 half dollars had nothing.

3,600 quarters turned up one silver Washington (1954D) and five Canadians.

2,400 dimes had nothing.

1,480 nickels got me one War Time (1943P), three Canadians (1 Ni), one Bermuda 5¢ and one US dime.

2,400 pennies yielded fifty-eight Wheats, nineteen Canadians and four US dimes. In the pennies was a new Wheat for me, the 1922D, and a bunch of other good ones including the 1932D which I only got once before. Especially considering the small amount I searched this could be the best batch of pennies I've had. I also found a new modern penny for me, the 2012D.

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