Thursday, February 9, 2012

Henry's Hygiene Tips

Last night in the bathroom Henry told me that since he was using the sink from the side (as he usually does) he didn't have to use soap. Who knew?! The day before Meg got Henry and Hazel nifty powered toothbrushes to promote self brushing. Henry told me this sort of toothbrush didn't need toothpaste. A paste-less toothbrush ... that might be a million dollar idea. Last night when I got home, however, Henry told me that he brushed his teeth with the new brush and paste because it just happened to be there ... tricky Dad! Hazel on the other hand needs no encouragement to use soap or toothpaste. She would gladly wash and brush all day if we let her.

I had a short, but good night with the kids. They were in good moods after a fun, late afternoon trip to Cold Stone Creamery (the best chocolate ice cream with M&M's according to Henry ... eaten outside on a cold bench too) and Barnes & Noble. For entertainment and health I gave them a bath. It's adorable to see Henry scrub Hazel with a little brush he has. Meg and I can't get enough of seeing Henry explain things to Hazel.

Things improved with the coin last night.

One large dollar, 26 small dollars and six halves produced one mint set dollar (2002D).

2,120 quarters yielded one Canadian.

3,250 dimes rounded up two silver dimes (1942, 1946), six Canadians, one US penny and one Swiss 10 Rappen.

2,880 nickels had three War Times (1942P, 2 x 1943P) and twelve Canadians (2 Ni).