Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Well, the weekend might have been more tiring that Meg and I wanted it to be, I'm still behind in shopping I want to do for Christmas and the kids aren't always on their best behavior these days, but I don't care! I had a nice birthday party and wonderful time at Henry's school yesterday.

On Friday we did our usual and ate at Friendly's. Then on Saturday I attended our church pageant rehearsal with Greg and Evan and Henry and Hazel spent time with their Cioci and Liam. Sunday meant a nice time at church (Hazel's still doing well in the nursery). In the evening Meg threw a birthday part for me at our house. It included a great meal of my favorites, football on TV and some kid crazyness.

Yesterday I went in to work late so I could attend Henry's school art show with Meg, Hazel and Nonnie (my mother-in-law). We had a wonderful 20 minutes. Henry showed us around, we marveled at his artwork (we don't see this level of expertise at home much) and had a snack. Meg and I are so proud of some very nice things the assistant teacher told us about Henry. We think Hazel's going to be ready for school very soon. She thinks she is ready right now.

This is a good shot of Hazel that Henry took with our camera. He's getting much more consistent with his camera work.

Henry and Hazel playing with their computers.

Me opening my birthday gifts with the cousins. At this moment I was looking at Liam's excellent homemade Star Wars birthday card. It says, "Star you are" ... excellent Yoda-speak!

Henry's still life. I think this is his best work yet.

Henry's picture and frame (in the center) as shown with other student's work. The assistant teacher told us that Henry spent almost the whole class making the frame, laying out the jewels exactly as he wanted them.

Henry and Hazel enjoying a snack in Henry's classroom. Hazel made herself instantly at home.

I've searched a lot of coin already this week. It's been decent.

169 small dollars had two mint set dollars (2 x 2005P) and one new one, 2011D Garfield.

11,920 quarters produced three silver Washingtons (1952D, 2 x 1964), fifteen Canadians, eleven US nickels, five US dimes, one UK 10 pence and one Cayman Islands 25¢.

5,550 dimes turned up two silver Rosies (1953D, 1957D), eight Canadians (including one 1959, 80% silver), one Barbados 10¢, one UK 5 pence and one Swiss ½ franc.

3,040 nickels rounded up three War Times (2 x 1943P, 1943D) and nine Canadians (4 Ni). That's only the 2nd 1943D nickel I've found!

2,500 pennies got me thirteen Wheats, twelve Canadians and one Bermuda 1¢

Found: 2 pennies