Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Round one is over and round two is just around the corner. It was a good Christmas for us.

Christmas for me began on the 23rd. I had a great time taking the kids shopping on Friday. Henry was very excited to find a pair of earrings for Meg (he blew the secret and then later insisted she put them on). I was surprised I could get as much shopping as I could with them in tow. They definitely surprise me with patience sometimes.

On Christmas Eve we went to church early. Greg, Evan and I participated in our church's Christmas pageant. I was a shepard with one live sheep to lead to the front of the church and back. Afterwards we went to my sister's for supper. Meg and I wrapped presents when we got home.

The next morning all the gifts were under the tree when the kids woke up. We waited a bit and then opened them all up. The kids were much more into unwrapping than last year. Hazel did an excellent job (she even unwrapped on of Aunt Jess's gifts) and Henry didn't want to stop. If you ask Henry if Santa came to our house he'll still tell you he didn't, but I'm pretty sure he got his full share of stuff. After a special breakfast we went to Nana and Grandpa's for dinner, present unwrapping and much playing.

The spirit continued the next day when we had a supper at our house for Uncle Steve, Aunt Susan and cousin Rhea.

Now we're pretty beat, but very excited to enjoy the holiday with the rest of our family. I'm sure Henry and Hazel are ready for more presents!

Henry and cousin Liam posing for the camera.

Hazel in her Christmas mini-skirt.

Henry very excited about a package of Swedish fish he got. Hazel was just as excited about her package of gummy fish. I'm not sure both of them knew what they were. Hazel insisted on napping with her package.

Hazel looking on as Henry unwraps his big train present. At one point Henry exclaimed, "you got exactly what I wanted!" At other points he seemed a bit confused and was suggesting for some reason that all our presents had come from Nana. When we told them they didn't he didn't seem to mind, but told us he wanted to bring them all to Nana's house and asked if the gifts he opened at her house could be brought home.

An action shot of Hazel unwrapping. She's really pretty good at it.

I spent a good chunk of the day putting toys together. It was a lot of fun for me. Meg made us a special Christmas breakfast while I played with the train.

Henry showing me his gift from Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol. He didn't quite get that I wanted a picture of his face and the gift.

Nicole took this picture of Hazel in her Christmas outfit.

12 small dollars had nothing.

8,025 half dollars turned up just one 40% silver half (1967).

5,760 quarters produced six Canadians, two US dimes and one US nickel.

5,150 dimes turned up one silver Rosie (1961), four Canadians and one Polish 10 Grozy.

2,840 nickels yielded two dateless Buffaloes and four Canadians.

Found: 2 pennies