Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

This weekend we enjoyed three days of warm, sunny weather. It felt great after all the rain we've been getting. We spent a good portion of the weekend outside, doing yard work and chasing after Henry. For Easter we traveled to Meg's sister's apartment for a good meal. Henry especially enjoyed a large room we had access to that had twenty-or-so large exercise balls. There were also two hula hoops in there. Henry played with those by turning himself inside the hula hoop. Meg took a cute video of Henry's performance.

19 small dollars had my first 2010 coin in them, a 2010P Millard Fillmore.

With this past week's halves I broke out of my no-silver streak ... just barely. 8,034 halves had two 40% silver halves (1967, 1968D).

440 quarters didn't produce anything.

2,000 dimes had one silver Rosie (1964), seven Canadians and one US penny.

800 nickels turned up one War Time (1945S) and five Canadians (1 Ni). The batch also had a proof, a new one for me, in it (1997S).

6,850 pennies rounded up seventeen Wheats, sixty-three Canadians, seven US dimes, two Ireland 1 pence coins and two South Korean 10 Won coins (2009). The South Korean coins were a new type for me. The Wheats were:

1928, 1934, 1941, 1942(2), 1944, 1945, 1946(2), 1948(2), 1951, 1952D, 1955, 1955D, 1956, 1957D

Lastly, a teller saved twelve Canadian pennies, four Canadian nickels (1 Ni), three Canadians dimes, three Canadian quarters, one Bermuda quarter and one Bahamas nickel for me.

Found: 2 pennies