Sunday, March 22, 2009


This weekend's batch of coins didn't produce so well. 8,080 halves turned up just one 90% silver half (1951), ten 40% silver halves (2 x 1966, 4 x 1968D, 4 x 1969D) and seven mint set halves (2003P, 2004P, 2 x 2005P, 2005D, 2 x 2007D). Most of the silver halves came from one bank stop, not the boxes I looked through.

Oh well.

I had a nice time with the family this weekend. On Saturday Meg visited with friends and Henry and I went to my mothers. With his Nana we went to a local park and for a short walk. Henry also had a good time playing with all of the new toys at her place. On Sunday the three of us went to my sister's for a St. Patrick's Day party. It is now the first holiday Henry has celebrated twice. He held his own pretty well against his older, bigger cousins.

Found: 9 pennies (1 at Burger King, 1 outside the Indian restaurant, 7 in a shopping center parking lot), 3 nickels (1 on the road, 2 in a shopping center parking lot), 1 dime (in a shopping center parking lot), 1 quarter (in Papa Gino's)