Monday, March 9, 2009

Close, But No Cigar

Today started out well. The snow wasn't too bad and hardly affected my drive into work and a teller saved me a silver dime (1963D) and one Wheat (1951).

I did some coin roll hunting when I got home. Just after it got dark. :)

1,400 quarters produced two Canadians, one UK 10 pence and two US nickels.

1,350 dimes yielded one UK 5 pence, one US penny and one Guatemala 5 centavos. The Guatemala coin is a new type for me. I've found one other coin from that country.

880 nickels turned up two Canadians and one US dime. In the batch was also two keys, 1938S and 1949S! That's my second 1938S of 2009. Sure wish it were a 1938D.

1,700 pennies were pretty good. In them were eighteen Wheats, ten Canadians, one US dime, one Euro 2¢ (Germany) and an Iceland 50 Aurar. The Iceland coin is a new type for me. It's the second coin from Iceland I've found. The Wheats were:

1936, 1941, 1944(3), 1946, 1950D, 1951D(2), 1953, 1953D, 1954, 1956D, 1957(2), 1957D