Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm

This morning Meg, Henry and I woke up to quite a sight. Our backyard had become a disaster area.

Things started last night around 9pm or so. I heard what I thought was fire crackers, but was really a tree snapping. I went outside and moved the cars away from the garage. At that point I heard more tree limbs breaking. Trees continued to break throughout the night. It was pretty scary to hear. Henry went a bit crazy with it all and didn't sleep well. Meg and I hardly slept either.

When we got up we were shocked to see that our backyard was littered with tree limbs, some as big as six inches in diameter. Thankfully our garage and house were saved. Moving the cars a proved to be a very good idea as a tree limb came down where Meg's car usually is parked. It definitely would have broken the windshield. We lost two small trees.

The three of us took a short walk through our neighborhood. Many trees had suffered and about a dozen splintered during our walk. We didn't see any downed power lines or damaged houses. Our town got it relatively easy.

When we got back to house I got a call from my sister. The roof in her house had been punctured and they were without power, phone and cable as the lines were ripped from their house. The street was so clogged with tree remains that they could not move their cars out of the driveway. I went to "rescue" them.

It was quite a journey. I've never seen so many downed trees and power lines. It looked like a tornado swept through their town. One way into their town was shut down by the police, all traffic lights were out and I had to constantly drive over, under and around downed power lines and trees. I met them at their house and took them to my parents, who also lost all services. My Dad, brother-in-law, and I went back to my sister's and patched the roof. My sister and Mom took my nephews to our house.

My sister's family is now staying with us. My parents are roughing it without power, but with a wood stove.


James (UK) said...

Wow! Sorry to hear that!

Take care!