Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Marathon

This morning like lots of people I have a heavy heart. I'm thankful that none my family was injured in yesterday's bombings or saw or heard anything first hand, but I'm shaken with how close my family was to the event and how hurt so many people must be.

My sister Nicole made it 25 miles or so before she was stopped (my brother-in-law, folks and nephews were enroute to pick her up at the finish line). We went to see her run by (and a get a hug) at the 3 mile mark. We are extremely proud of her; completely impressed that she made the paper this weekend, too!

Here are some pictures:

Believe or not we all got haircuts on Saturday. Meg got one earlier at a salon and the kids and me went to walk-in place. Hazel and Henry did superb!

Hazel right after her haircut.

Hazel, Henry and Liam waiting for Nicole to run by (we took the picture during one of their calmer moments).

Henry's picture of Nicole running that he made for our sign. Hazel's drawing isn't easy to discern, but she did tell us this morning that she was going to draw "Uncle Brian" (she confuses Uncle Greg with Uncle Brian) and Cody.

Henry drew this last weekend at a Chinese restaurant. It is quite accurate to the event. Hazel was seated across from him in a striped shirt, at a brown wooden table with a maroon table cloth.

Henry's drawing he made for school vacation homework. Left to right it depicts our black cupboard, the butterfly cage, Henry holding the plate of butterfly food and his blue bird.