Monday, December 10, 2012

Here are some pictures I've taken recently.

On Tuesday last week I had to stay home in the morning for a bit longer than usual so that I could pick up my phone at the Bank of America. I left it there over the weekend! Henry was motivated by Sid the Science Kid to do some drawings for his grandmothers and send them out via the computer. This is probably his best car drawing yet! It includes an exhaust pipe and exhaust!

Not to be outdone Hazel drew this.

On Saturday Nicole and I took all of the cousins to my grandfather's VFW Post for their annual Christmas party. The kids did really well there. In the above picture Henry and Hazel are watching the magician. A sampling of his jokes are:

"My wife asked me to take her somewhere expensive; so I took her to the gas station. She said, 'No, take me somewhere I've never been before.' So I took her to the kitchen."

(When calling up a young volunteer.) "Come on up, sweaty ... I mean sweety."

This year Evan was a volunteer helper. He did well.

Before Santa arrived Liam joined the other kids in singing Christmas carols. The other three cousins just sat and watched. Liam did really well. Nicole didn't realize he knew so many carols! After the caroling was over the emcee told the kids that she wanted them to say into the microphone what they wanted for Christmas. At this point, totally unprompted by anyone, Henry joined the group, when up to the lady with the microphone, got a turn and said, "car." I was so thrilled! Meg was too. I wish she had seen it. Liam also did well and spoke of a big Lego set. (Before the event I was totally blown away by Liam's reading! It was unreal.)

8,000 halves turned up one 40% silver halves (1969D), one token (says "Good for One Beer") and a half that's colorized for the 30th anniversary of Elvis's death.

2,520 quarters rounded up one silver Washington (1961D), three Canadians and two US nickels.

1,350 dimes got me one silver Rosie (1951) and eight Canadians.

640 nickels produced two Canadians (1 Ni).